Cloud UI Release: v3.86.0

New FeatureBug FixesImprovementsCloud


  • Managed Kubernetes: Replace β€œcentos” with β€œubuntu” as user login


  • Custom images: Add a button to the image context menu to create a Baremetal

  • Volumes: Add a filter for volumes that have no attachments

  • User Actions: Add a new column view into the table of the User Actions page

  • Basic VM: Region list only where it is available

  • Managed Kubernetes: Add SSD Low Latency Volume Type

  • AI Infrastructure: Check quotas for the AI cluster while resizing


  • Baremetal: Price not loaded in Baremetal creation form

  • User Actions: Change the text for interfaces attachment in user actions

  • Managed Kubernetes: "Out of stock" baremetal flavor can be selected in Kubernetes creation form

  • AI Infrastructure: The network name is not displayed in user actions